"One day, I sat there all day long and all they do was talking about Mechele.

twitter.com/rarKqz6rbl— MC HAMMER (@MCHammer) December 27, 2015 Other tweeted using the hashtag #RIPHendu.

I'll never forget Dave Henderson's big hand on my shoulder and his words of encouragement at his batting cages in Bellevue.#ripHendu— Eric Jensen (@EricJensenTV) December 27, 2015 Wow just heard Dave Henderson died.

Was one of my favorite players on the 86 Red Sox.

He was huge in that ALCS.#RIPHendu— Tim Fullerton (@TimFullerton) December 27, 2015 Henderson began his career in Seattle as the first draft pick in the history of the Mariners franchise in 1977.

He made his debut in 1981 and played parts of six seasons with the Mariners.

Henderson was traded to Boston during the 1986 season and later played for San Francisco and Kansas City.]Since "48 Hours" first aired this story in 2008, the whole nature of this case has changed, and so has the outcome -- with stunning new developments.

In 2006, Mechele Linehan, a suburban Washington state wife and mother with a Master's degree, found herself charged in a decade-old Alaska murder case.In the mid-1990s, Mechele was making ends meet as an exotic dancer at "The Great Alaskan Bush Company," where she not only made lots of money, but also attracted the attention of several men who wanted to marry her.

Prosecutors charge a million dollar life insurance policy was motive for Mechele to have one of those men killed.Was Mechele a manipulating schemer who got men to do her bidding as prosecutors charge or is she innocent and a victim of circumstance? In 1994, Mechele Hughes, as she was then known, headed to Alaska, after first leaving Louisiana for New York as an 18-year-old to work in a modeling agency.

She'd been dancing at The Great Alaskan Bush Company only a few months when a shy 35-year-old fisherman, Kent Leppink, walked in the door.