International Trade Commission study of the deal’s economic impact that could take up to 105 days after the agreement is signed.

Kelley argued in court on Friday that Republicans are violating U.S.

House rules by not holding a public hearing where all committee members can ask questions.Kelley accused lawmakers of pushing for a closed hearing so they can selectively leak portions of Comey’s testimony to undermine Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the election.

But Thomas Hungar, a lawyer for the U.

S.House of Representatives, said a 1975 Supreme Court case known as Eastland v.


S.The department would review its available funds and “legal authorities” beyond the upcoming pay period to try to cover future payments, he said.

“Although most personnel operations can resume, bureaus and posts are expected to adhere to strict budget constraints with regard to new spending for contracts, travel, and other needs” given a lapse in congressionally appropriated funds, Todd added.About one quarter of federal agencies have been shuttered since Dec.

22, with Democratic lawmakers refusing to accede to President Donald Trump’s demands to pay for a wall along the U.S.

border with Mexico.