Biden, and a narrow electoral defeat.

And all of a sudden, no more investigation was needed — the polar opposite of her position on Kavanaugh.Harris was one of the first of many Democratic women for whom political interests had overridden a previous insistence on believing all women.

Harris and Biden are now a walking double standard.She hasn’t completed a single term in the Senate, but her fast track to be on the Democratic Party’s national ticket was facilitated by her prioritizing opportunism over principle.

After taking up Biden’s mantle of politicizing the judiciary in the Senate, there is now discussion of Harris playing a prominent role in judicial selection if the two are elected.

At least her vicious tactics against political targets while a member of the party out of power in the Senate did not succeed.It’s frightening to think what she might get away with as vice president.

Carrie Campbell Severino is president of the Judicial Crisis Network.

No one is immune to cancel culture, not even Christian colleges and universities..

extended beyond a defining moment of social and political upheaval and change.” The resulting outrage impelled Christiansen to delete the post and close his account, as the museum’s director, Max Hollein, declared his institution guilty of “white supremacy.

” The editors call that “preposterous.The Met is a magnificent repository of masterpieces from around the globe.

It has no need to apologize.