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M.-- Critically wounded, an Albuquerque mother struggled in vain to pull her three children to safety after a gunman shot them during a confrontation inside the family’s home in what police described Tuesday as a violent and senseless act.

Police Chief Gordon Eden confirmed during a news conference Tuesday that the children, who ranged in age from 5 to 9, were killed and that the mother remained in critical but stable condition following Monday night’s encounter.

Eden said preliminary evidence suggests the family was attacked by George Daniel Wechsler, 45, who was believed to have had a brief relationship with the 36-year-old mother.Dean’s defense contested the comparison as junk science.

Nationwide, at least 24 men have been exonerated since 2000 after facing murder or rape charges or convictions based on bite marks.A judge ruled in 2013 that the bite mark evidence could be used in Dean’s case.

But this past January, prosecutors said they no longer needed it to prove their case.Jurors did hear about DNA found on the bite mark.

Medical examiners determined the small DNA sample matched Yitref and an unidentified second person.