" The two play Annie and Duncan, respectively, who are in a passionless relationship made worse by Duncan's fanatic obsession with reclusive singer-songwriter Tucker Crowe, played by Ethan Hawke.

"Other artists who struggled with mental illness included Ernest Hemingway."I think that Hemingway had a very complicated view of his own illness," Jamison said.

"For example, when Scott Fitzgerald wrote his great essay about depression, 'The Crack-Up,'Hemingway was scathing in his criticism of Fitzgerald for having gone public about having been mentally ill."Since then, dozens of artists, including performers like Kurt Cobain, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Janet Jackson, Carrie Fisher and Demi Lovato, have struggled publicly with their mental illness.

Carrie Fisher's open book ("Sunday Morning," 01/30/04)Demi Lovato: Fighting back ("Sunday Morning," 09/11/16)Demi Lovato kicks off world tour with message about mental health ("CBS This Morning," 02/27/18)Demi Lovato breaks silence after apparent overdose (CBS News, 08/05/18)Michael Angelakos is founder of the indie band Passion Pit — cool enough to land on Letterman.

He says some of his most popular songs reflect his ongoing battle with bipolar disorder.Passion Pit performs "I'll Be Alright," from their album, "Gossamer," on "The Late Show with David Letterman" (video here): Passion Pit - I'll Be Alright (Live on Letterman) by PassionPitVEVO on YouTube Braver asked, "People think, 'Oh well, somebody is in a manic state, they're so productive, they're so creative.

' Do you think that was true for you?" Michael Angelakos of the band Passion Pit CBS News "Sometimes," Angelakos replied.

"There's a double-edge sword here — you may be productive, but not everything makes sense."Because it was a real do-or-die scenario," Torrisi said.

Inside Mario Carbone's kitchen at The Grill 02:26 Zalaznick said he walked into Torrisi and "fell in love instantly" – with both the chefs and the food.He brought a love of food with his background in banking and hospitality.

They opened Major Food Group in June 2010.They now operate 19 restaurants in their hometown.

"You guys start from one restaurant.