Watch the video above to see what Winfrey had to say when asked about running for office in 2020.

So it's fine.I really wanted to hone in on one feeling, one emotion," Mars said.

"It's one thing me being arrogant.But the truth is, it's people singing, "I'm too hot.

Hot damn.

" They're feelin' too hot." -- @BrunoMars 🔥 pic.


com/X0BNzhPHQH— CBS This Morning (@CBSThisMorning) October 19, 2017 He says the album is rooted in R&B but aims for a "feel-good" emotion.At the age of 11, Legend's parents went through a divorce.

He and his two brothers and sister were raised by his father, Ronald Stephens."That was a challenge," Legend said.

"We had to take a lot of responsibility for ourselves, because we had a single parent." Another challenge, Legend said, is learning how to "thrive and survive" in school.

"Part of it's the social aspect of how you want to fit in, making friends, dating and all these other things," Legend said.