Louis where Monsanto is located," Klieman said.

"They were using their FBI devices, sometimes at work, sometimes not at work, to speak about individuals that they were investigating.They weren't just speaking about a generic election," he said, adding that Page and Strzok had "tied their discussions to their investigate work and that's what's concerning.

""My view of this was that this was extremely serious, completely antithetical to the core values of the department," Horowitz said of the largely anti-Trump and politically biased messages exchanged.Horowitz reiterated, however, that through the investigation, "we didn't find or see evidence prosecutors were impacted by that bias.

"Horowitz said that Strzok "exhibited" some form of bias but that decisions made by others during the Clinton investigation "were not infected by that bias.

" As for fired FBI Director James Comey, Horowitz said that from the IG's report "we did not find any evidence Comey acted out of political bias.""We did have concerns, however about how we thought what was a biased state of mind impacted his October decisions regarding the [Anthony] Weiner laptop.

We could not say one way or the other but we couldn't rule it out," said Horowitz.

DOJ's next steps:Horowitz says that the report made nine recommendations for ways to prevent similar issues of political bias found in the IG's report."We know these fish are resistant to the parasite and we've actually seen a threefold increase in the number of rainbows we have since we started doing that," Gardunio said.

While that's good news for Colorado's economy, it means even more to fishermen like Joel Evans, who know the true value of the sport."It's where it takes you to -- places like this canyon," Evans said.

"It's the fun of going.It's the adventure.

Sometimes fishing's just kind of part of it.