As media deadlines fast approached, it was decided that if the campaign wouldn't come to us for answers we would go to them.

Edwards benefited from Wisconsin's open primary system.His breakout was fueled by the highest Republican turnout of the primary season.

According to CBS News exit polls, 29 percent of the voters who went to the polls were independents, and they supported Edwards over Kerry by a 41-27 percent margin.Edwards did even better among the 10 percent of primary voters who identified themselves as Republicans, besting Kerry by a 45-18 percent margin.

Primaries in Georgia, Ohio and Vermont on March 2 will be open to all voters as will the caucuses in Minnesota.

"It's obvious from the exit polling here in Wisconsin that I was much more appealing to independent voters and moderate Republicans, and we have to get these people to win the general election," Edwards told CBS News Anchor Dan Rather.Dean ignored pleas to give up the fight.

"We are not done," he told his supporters, even as his own advisers were saying his campaign for the presidency was effectively over.

Senior advisers, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Dean was considering dramatically scaling back his campaign with no hope of winning the presidency.For now, the strategy is to do well in Virginia, Tennessee and Wisconsin and to dwindle it down to a two-man race between Kerry and Edwards.

Then the real showdown will begin.--Alison Schwartz .

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