"We see no excuse for such attacks," Boucher said Monday.

S.for help.

The problem is that Israel is already the top recipient of U.S.

foreign aid, with an annual package of $3 billion.

Israeli media reports say Israel wants $8 to 10 billion in loan guarantees, and an increase in economic aid.The U.


is expected to respond to the request soon.The slicks washed up on hundreds of beaches and coves over 250 miles, forcing the government to ban fishing, the region's livelihood.

But the main slick is still 120 miles off the coast and many fear the damage will only get worse.Spain claims the situation is under control.

"I don't think we can call this a black tide," Deputy Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said Saturday."These are isolated and localized slicks.

"Improved weather conditions Sunday allowed Dutch and French boats to head out to clean up the slicks.