Get Breaking News Delivered to Your Inbox "Right now they have no product to decontaminate people other than soap and water," said Phil O'Dell, president of O'Dell Engineering, a Canadian-based company licensed by the Canadian government to sell the lotion.

"You did not get audio on that?" Geragos asked, referring to the tapes."That's correct," Jacobson said.

"Not every one of those calls has audio." Trending News Tropical Storm Zeta expected to strengthen into hurricane U.


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troops link rare cancers, other illnesses to remote base Geragos also noted that authorities could not rule out the possibility that Peterson called Washington police from telephones not being monitored.

In an apparent effort by prosecutors to make Peterson look more worried than hopeful that investigators would find his wife's body, Jacobson testified Wednesday that Peterson made calls to friends and family as police searched San Francisco Bay, telling them he was calling from Southern California when he was actually near the search area.Two of those officials raised the possibility the government might not bring espionage charges, but rather lesser ones that could include the mishandling of sensitive government material.

The officials refused to identify the Pentagon employee under investigation but said the person is an analyst in the office of Douglas J.Feith, undersecretary of defense for policy, the Pentagon's No.

3 official.Trending News Tropical Storm Zeta expected to strengthen into hurricane U.