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Produced by Liza Finley[This story was first broadcast on March 7, 2015.It was updated on Dec.

19.]No one could believe it.

Nancy Pfister, one of Aspen's true originals, was dead.

She was found bludgeoned in her own bedroom -- her body bound with an electrical cord, wrapped in plastic garbage bags and hidden underneath sheets in her closet."Whoever did this really did this in an extremely horrible way.

I mean, in her bed, in her sleep.

I mean could you imagine?" said Mark Seal, a contributing editor of Vanity Fair and a CBS News consultant who calls Aspen home."A lot of the questions now are: Is the current recommended level appropriate for exposure that a firefighter would have? And I would say we're not entirely sure," he said.

Dr.Lawrence Lustig, a hearing loss expert at Columbia University Medical Center, said people have different levels of susceptibility.

Some research involving animals seems to imply that noise exposure in early years leads to more rapid age-related hearing loss, he said.Retired Bronx firefighter Frank Bazzicalupo was exposed early.

He joined the FDNY in his 20s and stayed for 25 years.