Sachs sat at his sentencing wearing a white yarmulke, the Jewish religious skullcap.

" He sentences Ashton to four life sentences -- including one for shooting at his sister, Alexis, who was not hit; plus another 100 years for using a gun and for paralyzing Landon.Ashton will never be eligible for parole.

Judge "throws the book" at Ashton Sachs for senseless murder of parentsBefore he is escorted from the courtroom, an odd smile seems to appear on Ashton's face."When we are lost and thick of heart, we remember them," a Rabbi said at the Sachs' funeral.

"So long as we live, they too shall live.

For they are now a part of us as we remember them." © 2016 CBS Interactive Inc.

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SAN DIEGO The driver of a truck that plunged into a crowded festival Saturday, killing four and injuring nine, has been arrested on a charge of driving under the influence, causing injury or death, authorities said, reports CBS affiliate KFMB.His family became embroiled in a legal battle over who would administer the multimillion dollar estate—a fight between the aunts on one side, and on the other, his oldest brother, Myles, and a close friend of Andra's, Nina Lifshultz, who eulogized the Sachs at their funeral.

The two sides have now settled—with Lifshultz and Myles in charge.Myles Sachs, 24, was awarded custody of his three siblings, including 11-year-old Landon, who is confined to a wheelchair.

They are all living together.Ashton has remained in a Southern California jail for more than two years.

His aunts still talk with him, and they say Ashton did express regret.