Obama included that link in his budget proposal, as did House Republicans.

Randy Forbes, R-Va., worried that the government's huge database of information could be abused for political purposes in the future.

"That's exactly what the American people are worried about," he said."They're understanding that if you collect that amount of data, people can get access to it in ways that can harm them.

"The administration has pointed out that members of Congress have been afforded numerous opportunities to attend classified briefings to better understand the surveillance programs, but Conyers said those opportunities were insufficient.

"That is not sufficient since we're in a catch-22 situation in a classified briefing in a secure setting and we cannot discuss it publicly," he said."But if we skip the briefing, we risk being uninformed and unprepared.

""One simple solution to this problem would be to publicly release significant FISA court opinions or at the very least unclassified summaries of these opinions," he said.

Goodlatte, attending to Conyers' concerns about declassification, asked the witnesses why the programs and their legal justification were not declassified earlier, before they were leaked.8 case.


they actually wanted to use that case to impose same-sex marriage on the entire nation, and they failed in that - the court simply punted it back to California," Perkins said.Lambasting the court's "activism," he added that the justices have "dragged 'We the people' from behind the wheel of this republic, and they've carjacked the nation.

And this never ends up good.